Monday, June 13, 2016

Library Board gains three new members

Tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session will provide for the official announcement of some new Board members for the city's Library, with Council to release the results of their decision from an in camera session of Council held on May 9th.

As part of the background information for this evenings meeting the City notes that Ms. Heather Rose, Ms. Andrea Wilmot and Mr. Jagdev Uppal have been appointed to positions by City Council, while Mr. Dale White was reappointed to the Library Board.

More on the work of the Library Board and its full complement of members can be found from the Prince Rupert Library webpage here.

The council notes on the appointment can be found in Section 8 of this evening's Council Agenda

More items on tonight's Council session can be reviewed here, while background related to the work of City Council can be found on our Archive page.

Update:  City Council added two more names to the Library Board appointment list on Monday evening, with Devlin Fernandes re-appointed to her position and Shiwani Gupta added to the membership of the Board.

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