Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Digby Island Ferry gets by with a little help from a friend

The Digby Island Ferry gets a helpful push across the harbour
on Tuesday afternoon 

It's shaping up to be a day of conversation topics for those arriving and departing through Prince Rupert Airport today, as the city's land and water based transportation services provided for a few unusual twists on the usual transit.

Travellers to and from the city's Digby Island Airport discovered that the Airport Ferry has become a barge for the day, as mechanical issues left the transportation link requiring the need of a push toward the island airport and back to the Fairview Docks.

The City ferry most recently underwent its refit last May, when the ferry transited to Ketchikan for the required work, mechanical issues of the past have provided a frequent reminder for the community and those who visit it as to the aging nature of the city's vital link between airport and shore.

The situation however has not had much of an impact on the actual service, with no delays reported on scheduled runs through the day.

While it's days are said to be numbered,
the city's Yellow bus was still in service
today for travellers to Digby Island
As well, it would appear that there is a little bit of mileage left to get out of the much discussed yellow bus, with the Cruise Ship Regatta in town for the today, transportation options were seemingly a bit stretched.

A situation which appears to have required transportation provider First Canada to make use of the yellow bus for the journey back and forth to Digby Island for the day.

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