Monday, June 13, 2016

Council to explore resolutions on Enbridge extension request and Oil tanker ban at session tonight

Councillor Joy Thorkelson will be bringing two issues to the table for the attention of Council members at tonight's Prince Rupert City council session, as as the theme of potential oil exports from the North Coast make their way to the Council Chamber.

Up for discussion will be the issue of a requested extension by Enbridge when it comes to their proposed Northern Gateway plans, as well as the larger issue of a proposed oil tanker ban for the North Coast and Haida Gwaii.

Councillor Thorkelson first notified Council of her intention to bring the two topics up for discussion at the May 30th Council session, providing the background to her motion as part of tonight's Agenda.

We offered up some notes on the two issues that Council will review tonight, with this blog item from earlier this month.

Tonight, Councillor Thorkelson will be looking to have the city provide its opposition to the granting of a sunset clause extension to Enbridge by the National Energy Board and Federal Government.

While Council is reviewing and discussing that issue, a second portion of the resolution will focus on the topic of an oil tanker ban for the waters of the North Coast, with Council to be asked to declare its support for a legislated ban.

The Full Resolution that will be discussed is as follows:

Be it Resolved that the City of Prince Rupert write the NEB and the federal government asking them to reject the request for an extension to Enbridge Northern Gateway Project sunset clauses and at the same time inform the NEB and federal government of the City's support for a legislated ban on oil tanker traffic through Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound in British Columbia.

You can review the supporting information related to the councillors Notice of Motion from the City's Agenda Package for this evening's session, it can be found on page 117.

According to tonight's agenda, the twin topics will come up for discussion at the end of this evening's session.

For a look at other items on tonight's Council session see our Preview page here.

Further items related to Council discussions can be found on our archive page.

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