Thursday, June 9, 2016

Seafest Spotlight: Seafest Saturday Events

Seafest Saturday is probably the one day of the year that a Census would place Prince Rupert's population at some pretty impressive numbers, the showcase day for the majority of the events not only brings many Rupertites into the downtown core, but as any hotel desk clerk can tell you, the out of town visitors that make the journey provide a healthy boost to business.

The main event of course on Saturday is the Seafest Parade, a procession of floats, bands, marching groups and more that departs from the Court House at 11 AM and travels along the city's Second Avenue West, turning at Seventh Street and then works its way back to the Court House along Third Avenue West. City Hall marks the location for local officials and the judging panel, with a range of awards ready for those that best exhibit the theme of Gumboots and Raindrops.

It's the signature event of the weekend and puts into focus the hard work of the volunteers of the Prince Rupert Special Events Society who work tirelessly to bring the three day festival to the streets each year.

After the last float has passed through the intersection of McBride and Third it's time to launch the afternoon events, as a street carnival expands along the entire stretch of Third from McBride down to Seventh Street.

To fuel the full day ahead, Seafest party hounds probably will have checked out the Pancake Breakfast hosted by Naomi's Grill on Second West, the morning feast of pancakes and bacon or sausages takes place from 8AM-11AM. Meal prices are 7 dollars for Adults, 3 dollars for Children.

Food of course is a main focus through the day, with a range of vendors scattered throughout the Street festival, the popular kebob stands a long time Prince Rupert favourite, mixing with a range of new options to put to the taste test.

As you wander along Third Avenue there are a number of activities to take in:

Cops For Cancer  Face Painting and Raffle -- Located at Third and 4th Street, children can have their faces painted and adults can purchase a ticket for 2 dollars for a chance to win a Basket raffle. The booth will be in operation from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Dunk Tank and Look Tank -- It's the 17th opportunity for Prince Rupert residents to take aim and dunk a celebrity at the DFO parking lot, with all donations to be forwarded to the CHSS bursary program. Along with the dunking, a chance to explore the popular live ocean critters tank. The exhibit is open from Noon until 3.

Ceremonial Review for the Captain Cook Sea Cadets -- The Prince Rupert Court House is the setting for the annual review which takes place from 1 until 2 PM.

Fast and Furious Art Battle -- The 4th Annual instalment of the popular event finds artists taking part in a twenty minute battle in tents located behind City Hall.  The event goes from 1 to 3 PM and is sponsored by the Prince Rupert Arts Council, Art Battle is for those sixteen years and above, you can register at

Scavenger Hunt -- The Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce in the Capitol Mall will have the treasure maps ready for hunters starting at 1 PM, offering hints for those that will look for treasure at a number of key locations around the downtown area. The event comes to an end at 3PM with many prizes to be claimed.

Boating, Floating and Knots -- A lesson in knot tying is the theme at the Port's Interpretive Centre in Cow Bay, as the Prince Rupert Port Authority and RCM SAR 64 offer up a crash course on the theme, with a number of other activities planned from 1 to 3 PM.

Seafest Car Show -- Classic cars, trucks and motorcycles, as well as more modern offerings will be on display in the 300 block of Third Avenue West on Saturday, as the Prince Rupert Auto Club hosts the annual Seafest Car Show. The cars will be on display from 1 until 3:30 PM

Little Obie Train Rides -- CN Rail lays down some track in the Upper parking lot of the Rupert Square Mall promoting rail safety by offering free rides on Little Obie CN's travelling lesson in railroading, the sound of the engine will come to life from 1 to 4 PM.

B and T Wagon Rides -- Seafest visitors can hop aboard a horse drawn wagon for a trip around the city as B and T Wagon and Sleigh rides return to town for another visit, the departure station can be found at 3rd Ave West and 7th Street. Cost of the ride is 4 dollars a trip. Trips take place from 1 until 4 PM.

Soap Box Derby -- The 200 block of Third West is Prince Rupert's version of the Indianapolis Speedway as the Soap Box Derby takes place from 1:30-3:30 PM. Sponsored by the Fellowship Baptist Youth, children six years an up can hop into one of the supplied carts to test the clock on the way down the hill. Participation is by donation, however waiver forms must be filled out by parents before racers can take to their cars.

Where's Your Game Sense -- Chances Prince Rupert provides Game Sense Information and A Plinko Board set up at 3rd Avenue West and 3rd Street from 11 AM to 4 PM

Henna designs -- Seafest visitors can sit in for a Henna session as community volunteers provide a glimpse and create henna designs on participants hands. The event takes place at 3rd Avenue and Third Street from 2 until 4 PM.

Seafest Info Booth -- Need directions, a schedule, or wish to buy a tee shirt? The Seafest Information Booth is your destination. Open from 10 AM to 4 PM, located at the fountain at City Hall they offer up Candy floss, Sno-Cones and Nature shades for those dropping by.

Free Swim at the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre -- The First of two Free weekend swims takes place Satruday, as Ridley Terminals picks up the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre fees from 2 until 4PM.

There are also a number of other events, tours, musical presentations and information booths set up for Seafest Saturday, we provided a look at those signature events in our previous Spotlight sessions of earlier this week.

More on those events and attractions can be found on our Seafest Spotlight Archive page.

A full overview of Seafest Events can be found here.

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