Friday, June 3, 2016

Sunken Gardens to benefit from 50,000 dollar donation from Port Community Fund

The Sunken Gardens will feature
Some major improvements for 2016
thanks to funding from the Prince
Rupert Port Authority 
One of Prince Rupert's major downtown attractions is now just a little bit greener, as the Port of Prince Rupert adds a fifty thousand dollar contribution to some major improvement plans for the City's Sunken Gardens.

The urban oasis which is located just behind the Prince Rupert Courthouse is a popular location for residents and visitors alike. I has made for a frequent backdrop for wedding or graduation photos and is one of those photogenic areas one that seems to dominate the twitter, facebook and flickr feeds of those that visit the city, with many commenting about the hidden gem to be found just a few steps from the city's Northland Cruise Terminal.

The Port announced it's financial contribution on Friday, noting that the fifty thousand dollars will come from the Port of Prince Rupert's Community Investment Fund and has been directed towards the installation of electrical and irrigation services at the Gardens.

As well, the area will see a makeover when it comes to signage, with new signs placed at the two tunnel entrances to the area, while sandwich boards will be placed in prominent public areas to steer the visitors towards the floral displays.

“The Sunken Gardens have been a community asset and tourist attraction for over 75 years, and we’re thrilled to announce the rejuvenation of the site with the completion of this project,” .. “Our club has maintained the site for the last 13 years, and it’s our goal to continue its legacy as a place of community celebration and education in partnership with local businesses like the Port of Prince Rupert.”  -- Andree Fawcett, President of the Prince Rupert Garden Club expressing the excitement and thanks that members of the Club have with the level of community support for the Sunken Gardens in Prince Rupert.

With the upgrade to the electrical system in place, the hours to enjoy the Sunken Gardens will also be extended, allowing for residents and visitors to enjoy the peace and visual bouquet that the location offers.

You can review more background to the major investment from this media release from the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

More notes of some of their past Community investment projects around the North Coast can be found from our archive here.

Located at Market Place behind the Prince Rupert Courthouse
The Sunken Gardens are one of the more popular destinations for
residents and visitors alike

Last weekend, a number of volunteers offered their time and help the Prince Rupert Garden Club to put in this years supply of flowers for the Sunken Gardens, taking part in a two day planting party.

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