Friday, June 17, 2016

City puts Second Avenue Bridge rehabilitation work out for tender

The 2nd Avenue bridge is in store
for rehabilitation this summer should
a City tender find a successful bidder
The next big item on the City's work towards 2016 infrastructure issues will be the west side bridge that connects the Graham/Atlin Avenue area with the rest of the city.

The City of Prince Rupert has put out for bid a tender for work on the 2nd Avenue Bridge, with the deadline for applicants coming up fast set for 2 PM on June 20th.

The tender  first posted to the BC Bid website on June 13th provides some background on the scope of the work to take place with the project requiring: the removal of existing asphalt and tensioning rods marking the early stage of the project, while the successful bidder will also place sleeves, new rods and replace the electrical conduit to the aging structure. Preparation for pavement will also be required as part of the project, though the actual paving work will be provided by others.

The tender also provides details on the process of evaluation of the bids for any interested contractors, with a criteria of six elements in place for the city to examine: Including financial terms, financial capabilities of the proponent, corporate and technical capability of the proponent, experience on similar projects, history of past performance and dealings with the City as well as the need to provide references as part of the process. 

The City notes in its documentation that it reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, modify the terms of the RFP at its discretion as well as noting that it also holds the option of cancelling the RFP at any time.

The City of Prince Rupert is accepting bids for work
on the Second Avenue Bridge for this summer

The full range of  terms and conditions related to the bridge project can be reviewed from the BC Bid site. The project coordinator for the City of Prince Rupert is Guneet Uppal.

The timeline for work is a tight one as well, with the initial plan of a start dated of July 1st, with the project to be completed by the end of August.

Once the contract is awarded, the July 1st start date will mean that residents of the Graham/Atlin area of the city will be using alternate access to their neighbourhood. With residents making use of the roadway area of Graham Avenue that runs along the railroad tracks to Water street and 11th Street for their journey.

Residents of the Atlin/Graham area of the city will be taking a different
route into the city should work start in July on the 2nd Avenue Bridge

The 2nd Avenue bridge project makes for another item for the city's infrastructure plans for 2016, you can review some of City Council's focus on that theme from our infrastructure archive page here.

You can also review some of the previous projects put out for tender from our archive page here.

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