Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lines cast off, the fleet has departed

Three vessels open for tours made
the Cow Bay Marina Dock a
popular spot this weekend
The Cow Bay Marina was a pretty deserted place this afternoon, the last of the weekend's nautical guests having left the waterfront this morning when HMCS Whitehorse set sail out of the city.

The departure of the Whitehorse marked the final of three maritime vessels that had come alongside for the Seafest weekend.

Yesterday the training sailing ship HMCS Oriole took to the Ocean, while the Coast Guard vessel Captain Goodard also returned to regular duties in area waters.

While the three vessels were alongside however they made for a popular stop for those taking part in the Seafest celebrations, with many taking opportunity of the number of tours that were available at the Cow Bay dock through the weekend into Sunday.

The stop over on the North Coast also provided for a few days of shore leave for the crew members for each vessel, allowing them the chance to explore the city and to grab something a little different to eat than mess food.

The Oriole will now return to its main focus of training up, while the Whitehorse which is a frequent visitor to the North Coast will take to its patrol duties along the North Coast and Haida Gwaii.

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