Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend price bump makes fill ups more costly downtown

Those filling up their gas tanks over the weekend were probably regretting not having taken care of the task earlier last week with a bit of a shock at the pumps coming by the time Sunday came to an end.

Friday saw the city's downtown gas stations start to bump up the price of gas with a Sunday tour of the four Gas stations of the community noting the downtown options, with some locations increasing the price by some twelve cents in one case from the week previous.

One week ago, the price of gas was posted at 1.149 a rise from the level of 1.089 the week before that, by yesterday those were the good ole days when it comes to the price of topping up the tanks.

For the Esso station at the 7-11 location, Sunday also featured the added situation of the station only having the Premium brand available for customers, with a notice posted to pumps advising that the remainder of the fuel blends were not available.

And while the Downtown Options were taking a bite out of your credit card, the Grassy Bay Petro -Canada option still had a posted price of 1.149 by late Sunday afternoon.

The tour of the city's gas outlets can be viewed below:

1.249 at Chevron
1.269 at 7-11's Esso

Hays Cove Petro-Can was at 1.269
Lowest in the city was the Grassy Bay
Petro-Can at 1.149

British Columbia prices have for the most part been spiking high in some areas of the province over the weekend, with the Okanagan residents also finding that some supplies were getting harder to come by, with supply issues out of Alberta resulting in gas shortages in Kelowna and other B.C. communities.

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