Monday, June 6, 2016

Seafest Spotlight: Quick and Daring

One of the most popular of Seafest events actually covers two days, as residents of the North Coast learn who really was paying attention in shop class (and maybe Science as well owing to buoyancy issues) at Prince Rupert and Charles Secondary Schools over the years.

The Quick and Daring Event,  sponsored by RONA, offers participants the chance to put their craft building skills to work, creating innovative and hopefully float worthy vessels to take to Prince Rupert harbour on Seafest Sunday.

The building phase takes place on Saturday in the parking lot at City Hall as a year of planning for some comes together in the quest to develop this years award winning creation.

The blueprints come out and the hammers and drills start to their work at the Noon hour and continue until 5 PM.

Materials that are provided for the construction process include: 3 small tubes of caulking, 2 sheets of plywood, deck screws and drywall screws. While some tools such as a circular saw, table saw and drill driver are provided, participants are advised to bring their own tools including a caulking gun and safety glasses the latter which is mandatory.

The entry fee is 25 dollars per team of two with a minimum age of 15 years for participation.

Once the finished product is ready, the test of flotation comes on Sunday when the creations take to the Waterfront at Rotary Park from 3 until 4 PM. Life Jackets are required for the Sunday event and are mandatory for those launching their vessels at the competition.

Sign up forms are available at RONA or from the Special Events Society website.

Be sure to keep an eye out for new entries on the blog, we will be featuring more of the high profile events from the Seafest Schedule through the week on our Seafest Spotlight page.

You can also review the full schedule of events and other notes related to Seafest from our Archive page here.

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