Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spring/Summer update from Aurora LNG highlights community engagement on LNG plans

Aurora LNG has provided its latest
update on the progress of their plans
for an LNG Terminal at Digby Island
Aurora LNG, the proponents of an LNG shipment terminal for the southern point of Digby Island have delivered a spring/summer update on the progress of their plans, with the majority of their information notes highlighting some of recent the community engagement related to the proposed development.

The latest look at the project charts where the project stands in the assessment stage to this point, and delivers a bit more background on the nature of the site selection as well as some technical details related to it.

The overview also examines some of the participation at two recent Open houses hosted in Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

The six page review of the project to this point also features a look at some of the Frequently Asked Questions that came out of those two community consultations.

Among some of the noted observations by participants at those forums, were questions related to the following issues:

How will the noise/vibration from the proposed project affect the marine life under water?
How many foreign workers are expected to come to work on the proposed project and where will they live?
What are the economic benefits of the proposed project to the Prince Rupert region?
What are the potential social impacts the project may have on community members?
What will the affects be to the air quality of the closes community, Dodge Cove?

The responses to those questions can be reviewed from the Aurora LNG website, the full update can be found under their Community matters section, where you can download the full Spring/Summer report.

A more expansive review of some of the information notes were documented for the British Columbia Environmental Association Office in late May, providing a review of the sessions held in Prince Rupert and Port Edward  that were related to Safety and Transportation.

LNG Marine Transport and Facility Public Safety

The Pre-application process has also provided for a number of documents to be submitted to the EAO ,  the most recent batch related to public consultations in January of this year.

Included in those submissions was a review of a Community Tour and workshop held on Dodge Cove, where residents of the area provided their input on a range of concerns related to land, water, air and ocean issues, as well as a number of thoughts related to social, cultural and economic impact of the proposed project to the area.

You can review that full report here.

Aurora has also started introducing some of its local team, providing some YouTube features to provide some background on the preliminary work taking place on the LNG project.

More on the proposed development can be found on the Aurora LNG website here.

For more background on the progress of the project, as well as notes related to parent company Nexen and CNOOC see our archive page here.

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