Friday, June 10, 2016

Seafest Spotlight: Sunday Waterfront Events

Our final preview of the Spotlight series takes a look at the final day of the three Day Seafest events, with a focus on the Waterfront and the range of activities that can be found there on Seafest Sunday.

The moments of opportunity to celebrate the city's waterfront are relatively rare for the city's residents so Seafest Sunday gives those living on the North Coast a chance to reclaim their shoreline for a day, with water based activities mixing with those set up for the shore and  Rotary Waterfront Park areas.

Music of course makes up much of the afternoon's background sound and you can review some of the musical offerings for the Kwinitsa Station stage here.

Many of the weekend sports activities come to an end on Sunday as well, the full overview of those events can be found here.

Other displays and information booths continue into Sunday, check here to see what's available for the final day of Seafest.

The day's events get off to an early start at 9 AM, though the majority of the activities don't start at Rotary Waterfront park until after the noon hour, the line up of events for Seafest Sunday looks as follows.

Children's Seafest Bullhead Derby -- An early start for local youth with the Cow Bay Wharf the scene for the three hour fishing derby for the regions youngsters, designed for children ages 2 to 14. the Derby runs from 9 until Noon. Children must be accompanied by an adult and child licences are available at no charge through the DFO website and all participants must have one to drop their line in the water.

Sponsored by the Cow Bay Merchants there are many prizes to be won by those taking part.

Seafest Central on the Waterfront -- The immediate area near the Lightering dock will be the location for booths and information as the Prince Rupert Special Events Society serves up cotton candy, sno cones and popcorn. Various other food vendors and activities can be found there as well from Noon until 4 PM.

Sail Past, Fly Past, Water Craft Skills Demonstrations and Blessing of the Fleet -- The harbour area off the shore line at Rotary Waterfront Park is where all eyes will be focused from Noon to 12:45 as the parade of boats and air craft pass by, followed by displays from the range of water craft that are found in daily use around the Prince Rupert waterfront whether with industry or enforcement and rescue purposes.

Kayak Rides for Kids -- Local youth can into the spirit of the theme of the harbour by taking advantage of free rides with Skeena Kayaking from Noon until 4 PM, sponsored by Pacific NorthWest LNG. Proceeds from the opportunity to take a tour will be donated to the Prince Rupert Outrigger Association.

Boating, Floating and Knots -- Day two for the Port of Prince Rupert Sponsored event at the Port's Interpretive Centre from 1 until 3PM where members of RCM SAR 64 will provide lessons in knot tying along with other activities.

B & T Wagon Rides -- Another chance to hop aboard the horse drawn wagon as it tours the Waterfront area, there's no charge for the Sunday rides as Pacific NorthWest LNG covers the fees from 1 until 4 PM.

Swim for Survival Race -- The popular water based event sends a team of 2 into the water off the Ligtherting dock to work their way towards an off shore life raft, the races take place from 1:30 to 2:30 PM. The event is sponsored by Home Hardware, you can find out more about this event from our Spotlight archive piece here.

Kayak Fire Drill -- Teams of two take to the water changing positions at an offshore raft before making the race down the homestretch back to the dock.  The event runs from 2:30 to 3PM and is sponsored by Skeena Kayaking and the Prince Rupert Special Events Volunteers.

Quick and Daring -- The construction phase took place Saturday and on Sunday afternoon all of the North Coast will see how many of those wild creations will actually float.  The event sponsored by Tyee Building Supplies and Makita tools takes place from 3 until 4 PM, you can learn more about this event from our Spotlight archive piece here.

Lord of the Lines -- Board enthusiasts will be heading for the alley behind Loaded Sports on Third Avenue West Sunday afternoon as the exhibition and competition takes place from 3 until 5 PM.

Free Swim at the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre -- The pool is open to all from 6 until 8 PM as the Prince Rupert Royal Purple Lodge cover the pool fees.

Sunset Service -- Events shift to higher ground for the final event of Seafest 2016.  As Mariner's Park plays host to the annual Memorial Service and dedication of memorial plaques for the Memorial Walls the Seafest finale takes place from 6 until 7PM.

Sponsored by Prince Rupert Archives, Prince Rupert Ministerial Association

More on the events of Seafest weekend can be found on our Seafest Spotlight Archive page.

A full overview of Seafest Events can be found here.

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