Thursday, June 16, 2016

MLA Rice awaits details on Province's transportation plans for Highway 16

In a media release from Thursday morning, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, outlined her thoughts and reaction to Wednesday's funding announcement on transportation from Minister Todd Stone.

While she acknowledged the announcement by the government and the background information that outlines the proposal of a bus system along Highway 16, Ms. Rice also notes in her statement that the move by the government is a step that is long overdue.

"While I am happy that women along Highway 16 are finally going to have safe and affordable transportation to get them to and from appointments, work, school, shopping and family gatherings, I am also frustrated that it took this government so long to implement this solution."

As well, Ms. Rice observed that while the new initiative will help to keep women safer along the highway, she also outlined her regrets at how the proposal had not been acted upon when it was first recommended. Calling attention to the lives that have been lost over the years along the Highway of Tears.

The North Coast MLA has long been an advocate for a shuttle bus service to serve the communities of Northern British Columbia and today observed that it has been one of the top recommendations in the past from both the Oppal Commission of 2012 and the Highway of Tears Symposium of 2006.

In her statement of today,  Ms. Rice also notes that there has not been much in the way of details provided as to how the proposed enhanced transportation options will work, noting that she "looks forward to learning more about the details and logistics of the initiative and how this service will be sustainable in the long term."

The Province of BC has indicated that a proposal for
community to community transit service
along Highway 16 is moving forward

As we outlined on the blog yesterday, an additional 2 million dollars in funding for Highway 16 initiatives was announced by the Transportation Minister, with one item of particular interest for the North Coast being the proposed introduction of a transportation link between Prince Rupert and Terrace. Other community to community links were also indicated across the Highway 16 corridor as part of that transportation plan.

You can review Ms. Rice's full statement on the topic here.

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