Thursday, July 7, 2016

A quick browsing of the Ports Annual Report could score you an iPad mini

Container Port expansion is one
highlight of the Annual Report
(photo from PRPA website)
The Prince Rupert Port Authority is hoping to find an engaged population when it comes to their Annual Report, offering an invitation for the public to examine the document that catalogues the many plans that are in motion and a few that aren't quite yet to the development stage.

The review of last years shipment data and background information on Port projects  provides a small peek into the impact from some of the Port facilities and the footprint on the community that its operations have on the local economy.

Part of the focus from the report also gives some indication as to how Prince Rupert is gaining recognition around the world for its seamless transit of goods between Asia and North America.

The Annual Report, which we reviewed after its release following last months Annual Public Meeting, highlights a number of key elements of the port's success and offers a snapshot of which facilities are performing at or above expectations and which may be struggling through challenging economic times.

While learning more about the region's major industries is worth a read on its own, to help build the potential audience for their work, the Port is also offering those that stop by their Report home page the chance to win a free iPad mini.

Your invitation to read the recent Annual Report for the Port and perhaps
win yourself an iPad mini arrived in your mail recently

The port recently issued their invitation by way of a home mailing campaign which delivered post cards to Northwest residences, with notification on how to enter their iPad contest.

Those that review the document are invited to keep on scrolling to the bottom of the page and answer the skill testing question and enter a code found on the right hand side of the card.

They have three of the popular devices available for those that participate.

Those that pay attention to their mail deliveries have probably already entered the competition, for the rest once you go through your recycle box to rescue your invitation, you can review the Annual report here.

More items of interest related to the Port of Prince Rupert can be found on our archive page here.

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