Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NDP outline Power BC energy plan for British Columbia

In the run up period to next years provincial election, British Columbia's political parties will be running more than a few development proposals up the flag pole for review from those that will be heading to the polls in May of 2017.

One proposal that the British Columbia NDP want to put forward for the year ahead, is their Power BC energy program, introduced by leader John Horgan the plan puts a focus on job creation, respect of First Nations land title and protection for BC hydro customers from runaway bills.

Some of the focus is directed towards the retrofit of public buildings, as well towards homes and businesses, making maximum use of existing hydroelectric dams and investments in clean energy options.

The full overview of what the NDP has in mind can be found here.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice outlined some of the proposed energy concept during her time in the Legislature on Monday morning (see Legislature draft minutes).

Ms. Rice's contribution to the morning sitting was part of a larger discussion on the Site C energy development plans of the Liberal Government and the NDP's suggestions of alternative options that should be considered..


More on the work of the North Coast MLA can be found on our Legislature archive page.

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