Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ridley Terminals to host Annual Public Meeting on Thursday

It's annual Report season on the North Coast and the next of the region's major industries will deliver their state of the industry message on Thursday as officials from Ridley Terminals Incorporated host a Public Meeting at the North Coast Convention Centre.

The session runs from 3 until 4:30 on July 7th in the Orca Room of the convention centre in the Chances complex on 1st Avenue West.

The coal facility on Ridley Island has seen some rough patches over the last few years, with coal prices and production declining, providing for less shipments out of the terminal.

In a letter posted Ridley Terminals website as part of the 2015 Annual Report in March, Interim President David Kirsop noted the challenging conditions facing the coal industry through 2015 and into 2016. Noting that shipment levels had declined by 35 percent in 2015, compared to levels of 2014.

The advisory also noted that RTI was continuing to look for ways to diversify the number of products that are handled through the terminal site.

Towards that goal, RTI has recently taken some steps towards that diversification plan, providing for the prospect of some positive revenues out of their Ridley Island location.

In February, it was announced that Alta Gas had plans for the North Coast,  reviewing its plans to make use of a portion of the industrial site for a planned propane shipment facility for the North Coast.

Some background on that project is posted to the RTI website, as well there is a copy of the 2015 Annual Report available for review.

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