Thursday, July 21, 2016

BC Government puts 300,000 dollars towards Airport Improvements at Digby Island

The Prince Rupert Airport at Digby
Island has received funding from the province
for upcoming environmental upgrades
The Prince Rupert Airport Authority will be moving forward with plans for upgrades to the YPR maintenance building, with 300,000 dollars in funding for the work to be provided by the B. C. Air Access Program.

The announcement of provincial funding was made today with the Liberal Government providing the details of the funding and the project in a media release.

The work involved at YPR will see the replacement of the existing roof and insulation with an energy efficient system that is linked to the airport's existing water harvesting and treatment system.

The Prince Rupert Airport Authority will provide the remaining 200,000 dollars toward the project which is estimated to be cost 500,000 dollars to complete.

Judy Fraser, the President of the Prince Rupert Airport Authority offered up this response to Thursday's funding announcement:

“On behalf of the Airport Authority and management we are pleased the minister, through the B.C. Air Access Program, recognized our rain water harvesting project and granted us financial assistance to complete this valuable environmental project,” ... “Without BCAAP, many small airports in British Columbia would not be able to make essential improvements to our essential community airports.”

That environmental upgrade is one of a pair of projects set to go at the Digby Island facility.

A request for tender was already in motion, for work on and around the maintenance building, with the details placed in an advertisement in yesterday's weekly newspaper.

It notes work related to the construction of an airside concrete sidewalk, replacement of security fencing and renovations of a bathroom in the maintenance garage.

Mandatory site visits for that request for tender are scheduled for tomorrow at 9:20 AM, while the deadline for Tenders on that project will be Friday, July 29th at 2:01 PM. Tender applications are to be directed to the Prince Rupert Airport Manager, Rick Reed.

More background on the Environmental upgrades can be found here.

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