Monday, July 18, 2016

CN puts focus on community safety in investment plans

British Columbia will see180 million dollars in investment in the province this year by CN Rail, with a large portion of that amount dedicated towards the Northern route that connects Prince George and Prince Rupert's port facilities.

Among some of the direction that the funding will be destined for is towards areas of safety to provide communities along the rail line with the tools to respond to rail emergencies.

With the prospect of increased shipments of liquid propane gas along the Northern route to a proposed terminal at Ridley Island in Prince Rupert, as well as a longer range view that could include shipments of oil by rail to proposed Oil refinery terminals in the Kitimat region, concerns related to safe transit of goods is something on the minds of leaders of communities along the Northern main line.

CN officials in British Columbia have been making the tour of Central interior Chamber of Commerce circuit and media outlets in recent weeks, outlining some of their plans for investment in the province.

Some of the reports on their notes can be found below:

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Prince George could play big role in Proposed propane port

On July 25th, the railway will be releasing its second quarter financial and operating results, led by their new President and CEO Luc Jobin.

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