Thursday, July 14, 2016

Station 64 set to take in recruits for local Search and Rescue tasking

A vessel from the Royal Canadian
Marine Search and Rescue Station 64
on display at the Cow Bay Marina
earlier this year

There is a group of volunteer Mariners on the North Coast who make up the first line of response for many marine incidents in the region.

Active over the last few years they have been busy increasing their training, skills and presence in the region should the call to assist come in.

The members of Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, Station 64 are based out of Prince Rupert and work in conjunction with other area emergency services when required for incidents in area waters.

Beyond the potential call in the middle of the night to respond to a maritime incident, the local station also provides volunteer services to a range of local activities that are based around the city's harbour area.

From offering tours of their vessels from the Cow Bay Marina Dock, to providing security and other marine services related to the city's Seafest events or Fireworks displays, the bright yellow boats of Station 64 are a frequent presence in area waters during large events.

As it is with any local organization, the strength of the program is the group of dedicated volunteers that give of their time both for operational requirements, as well as the many training exercises required to keep their skills at a high level. And for those in the region that may wish to get involved with their work an opportunity to sign on is fast approaching.

Always on the look out for more members, the organization will soon be launching its summer recruiting drive, seeking out interested residents of the North Coast who have the time to dedicate towards the program and service to the community.

You can learn more about the work of the RCMSR Station 64 crew from their Facebook page, updates on the upcoming recruiting session will be posted there as the date gets closer.

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