Monday, July 4, 2016

Sitka, Alaska feels slight rumble to go along with 4th of July fireworks

The community of Sitka, Alaska felt a minor earthquake on
Monday evening with a 3.6 temblor recorded

The 4th of July celebrations for the neighbours to the north had a something just a little extra for residents of Sitka, Alaska this evening, as a minor magnitude earthquake rattled along the Alaska panhandle at 8:20 PM, British Columbia time.

The 3.6 quake was recorded 49 km Southwest of Sitka, making it 436 kilometres Northwest of Prince Rupert.

The temblor had a depth of 31.4 kilometres, no damage has been reported from the community and there does note appear to be any danger of a tsunami warning being generated by the event.

While there have been a string of small quakes recorded on Vancouver Island since the start of the year, the quake in Southeast Alaska is the first to rattle along the panhandle area of Alaska in recent months.

You can review our past items of seismic activity along the BC and Alaska coast from our archive page.

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