Wednesday, July 27, 2016

City looks to add to City hall staff with Customer Service coordinator

The hiring plans continue to percolate at City Hall this month, with another addition to the list of job opportunities now available with the City of Prince Rupert.

The administration department for the City is the latest to start the process of accepting applications, with the posting of a Customer Service Coordinator's position now added to the External Job Postings section of the city's website.

The successful applicant for the position, which will report to Antonio Vera, the Deputy Corporate Administrator, will be responsible for the coordination, development and supervision of the Customer Service and Administration Clerical staff at City Hall.

Among some of the key elements of the position, an ability to identify skill gaps and work with individuals to develop their talents, as well to be able to designate the work to impact on the completion of assigned tasks in a timely and effective manner.

No salary level was listed in the job posting, the deadline for applications is August 3rd.

The full outline for the position can be found below:

Since the current City Council took office following the election of November 2014, Mayor Lee Brain and the six members of Council have provided for a significant increase when it comes to staffing city positions, with many of the new opportunities dedicated towards administration staff positions directly at City Hall.

You can review some of the more recent postings that the city has offered through our archive pages the most recent positions for 2016 can be found here, while last year heralded the launch of the new dedication towards city hall staffing with a number of positions posted in Council's first year of their term.

And while the Help Wanted notes are plentiful, notices of who the successful applicants are seem harder to find through the city's information pages.

With few introductions, or letters of welcome from the City provided to highlight the arrival of the successful candidates and the work that is ahead for them.

The increase in the growing levels of employment that have been offered by the city for the most part has moved forward with little in the way of discussion in public session by Council members. With the topic of the growing nature of the civic bureaucracy and how to sustain it, rarely introduced as a theme  for the twice a month regular council sessions.

More items related to Council discussions can be found on our archive page.

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