Friday, July 8, 2016

New Port video provides an illustrated look at Port developments

A newly released video from the Port of Prince Rupert takes an animated look at the progress of port development on the North Coast, reviewing many of the key elements from the recently delivered Annual Report.

A short notice posted through the Port's twitter feed, directs followers of Port developments to the latest video presentation. The video just one of a number of video presentations that have been made part of the Port Authority's message delivery system in recent months.

The video which runs just short of four minutes, outlines the access that Prince Rupert offers to Asian and North American industry, listing the range of goods and services that make use of the North Coast gateway to the world.

Safety makes for one of the major points of the You Tube project, noting the various partnerships that the Port has in the region to ensure that transit in and out of the port is done in a safe manner.

A good portion of the success of the port over the last few years is attributed to the work of the growing labour pool in place on the North Coast, while community engagement is also highlighted, with a number of the Port's Community investment projects listed towards the end of the presentation.

You can review the video below.

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