Friday, July 15, 2016

No Bat Signal, but a Bat Study for the weekend in Prince Rupert

A study of Prince Rupert's bat population in the McClymont Park area (across from the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre) is set for this weekend, with specialists from Stantec Consulting conducting what seems like a catch and release program for bats.

The City of Prince Rupert has posted a notice to the City website advising the public of the weekend study, noting that the operation will take place in the evening hours between 7 PM and midnight.

The McClymont Park area will be
the host of a bat study this weekend
During that time, the Stantec team will be using netting strung through the trees of the park to catch the bats, once secured, the creatures will be tagged an then released.

There was no indication provided from the information statement to offer background on who has commissioned the study, or what the purpose of the research might be.

For those that might wish to do a bit of home study on the theme, there are a few resources available to learn more about the creatures that soar above your head on your evening walks along Hays Creek Trail.

BC Government Bat information
Royal BC Museum Learning Portal
Community Bat Program of BC
BC's Bat Species
Bats R Us
Bats of British Columbia

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