Friday, July 1, 2016

Port Community Fund to lend hand to recreation facilities for Metlakatla

The folks across the harbour in Metlakatla have been celebrating some new facilities over the last few days, with the Prince Rupert Port Authority Community Investment Fund providing some of the cash to help see two health and recreation initiatives come to realization.

The two projects included the construction of a new multi-use sports field for the community, as well as the creation of a skateboard park that is adjacent to the existing recreation centre.

The Port's Investment fund provided a total of $125,000 to the two projects.

The construction of the new field for Metlaktla provided for more than a few challenges for the local government during the construction phase. With rock and muskeg removal making for an influence on the costs and making the project an initiative that cost over 500,000 dollars.

Metlakatla's Chief Councillor Harlod Leighton took note of how the Port and the community are an example of working towards a shared vision.

“These facilities demonstrate Metlakatla’s commitment to investing in an improved quality of life for people living in the community,” ... “The Port of Prince Rupert’s contribution to this project is an example of how port operations directly benefit local communities, and demonstrates how we are working together towards a shared vision of success.”

The two projects which were part of Metlakatla's  Healthy Lifestyle Initiative now allow both Metlakatla residents and those from other areas of the North Coast a few more options when it comes to recreation activities.

Port President and CEO noted the welcoming nature of the community and what it has to offer.

“We’ve always found ourselves warmly welcomed in Metlakatla, and we encourage residents of Prince Rupert, Port Edward and other North Coast communities to experience what this vibrant village has to offer,” ...  “We’re humbled to see the collective impact of our thriving trade gateway expressed through opportunities to modernize and beautify neighbouring communities.”

A new skateboard park had its Grand Opening
on Thursday and is now in use in Metlakatla

Metlakatla now boasts of top end sports field for use by both the local community
and those from around the region

( all photos courtesy of PRPA information release)

The Metlakatla government notes that there is a Ferry Service that operates several times a day between Prince Rupert and the community, with the recreation facilities open to any member of the public as long as the visitors comply with the same laws and regulations that govern the community.

The community celebrated the Grand Opening of the Skateboard park on June 29th

More background on the recent funding can be found from this information release.

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