Monday, July 11, 2016

CBC's Summer announcer hopes to hook listeners and a few fish along the way

The summer broadcast season for DayBreak North is featuring a new voice in your ears these days, as Ash Kelly settles into the on air studio in Prince Rupert.

Sitting in for regular host Carolina de Ryk, Ms. Kelly is working with Daybreak North's Robert Doane, George Baker and Wil Fundal to discover some of the stories of the North Coast to share with the Daybreak listeners across Northern British Columbia.

Until the middle of August when her stint in Prince Rupert comes to an end, Kelly will be battling George Baker for the first cup out of the CBC coffee maker each morning at the Third Avenue Studios.

When not working on research for the program, Kelly keeps busy by providing content for the blog Ash Kelly Reports  a compilation of articles on a range of themes, some of which have been published in such national publications as Maclean's and the Globe and Mail to name a few.

Another venue for her writing has been through Discourse Media, with a recent story as part of their Toward Reconciliation series providing some background on the issues of Lelu Island, LNG and Lax Kw'alaams making for a feature article co-written with Brielle Morgan.
Summer Daybreak North
host Ash Kelly chasing a story,
or maybe some fish ...

(photo from the blog
Ash Kelly Reports)

Active on social media, she makes frequent contributions to her twitter account and has been tracing some of her travels across northern British Columbia through Instagram.

From the Instagram feed her growing interest in fishing is featured, which would seem to make the North Coast a pretty good place to set up base for the summer.

Since she's up early in the morning for much of the week to start the broadcast day with the CBC, she will also have a head start on finding a good spot at Polymar, or one of the many fishing locations on the North Coast.

You can listen in and follow her progress (both with news and fish) through the summer at 860 on the AM band in Prince Rupert, or online through the Daybreak North website.

A selection of Daybreak North Stories is also available through their podcast option.

For more items related to the media on the North Coast can be found here.

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