Monday, July 4, 2016

Potential Postal disruption deferred for a few days

Some last minute bargaining, including a new proposal from CUPW, the union representing Canada's Postal workers has pushed back a deadline that could have brought a postal service disruption to the country.

Last week, Canada Post offered a revised contract proposal, which stayed fairly close to their original blue print with a few shifts in position.

Over the weekend, CUPW delivered its counter proposal to Canada Post, stopping the clock on the countdown to what was expected to be a July 3rd labour disruption, with the period of review for the union's document leaving Canadians to wait to hear if the disruption clock starts up again, or if there is labour peace on the horizon.

In two media releases over the weekend CUPW provided their major talking points around the negotiating table.

Service Expansion Major issue at Negotiations
CPC: 'Modest' Wage Offer is an insult

For its part, Canada Post countered some of that information with media release of their own, expressing their disappointment with the response from the union.

Canada Post Expresses Disappointment with Response from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)

The main issue between the two sides appears to be related to employee pension plan provisions.

A 72 hour notice of strike or lockout would be required before the countdown to any potential labour disruption could commence, though dropping something in the mail or shipping a parcel out might require a bit of a leap of faith on the part of the customer.

One of the many articles over the weekend tracking the negotiating process noted that Canada Post had observed that the union counter proposal had put the negotiations in the exact opposite direction of where the company hopes to be heading.

Some of the notes on negotiations can be found below:

Canada Post impasse looming, but no strike or lockout yet
Canada Post still hopes to negotiate 'reasonable' deal with union: spokesman
No lockout or strike notice issued as Canada Post, union continues talks
Canada Post still hopes to negotiate 'reasonable' deal with union: spokesperson
What you need to know about the looming Canada Post labour disruption
New deal proposed by Canada Post workers, no strike yet

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