Thursday, July 14, 2016

Change for Credit Union Board of Directors

Just a few short months after Northern Savings Credit Union released the list of names of those elected and acclaimed to their Board of Directors, there's been a change to the make up of the list of those that provide guidance to the financial institution.

In a notice posted to the Northern Savings website, it was announced that Douglas Louis, a member acclaimed to the Board earlier this year, has stepped down from his position.

His departure explained as owing to an oversight in the eligibility requirements for the Board of Directors for Northern Savings Credit Union.

The eligibility issue was discovered after the May election process and Mr. Louis then chose to step down to ensure that his status was in alignment with the rules of the Credit Union. The message to the membership that was issued by Norther Savings did not expand on the nature of the eligibility issue.

Stepping in to fill the spot on the Board of Directors will be Trent Moraes who has accepted an appointment for the vacant seat until the next Board election in April of 2017.  Mr. Moraes has had previous experience as a Director having served a three year term in the past.

The current roster of the members of the Board of Directors can be reviewed here.

With its head office located in Prince Rupert, Northern Savings provides financial services to the North Coast with branches in Terrace and Haida Gwaii, as well as through the main branch on Third Avenue in the city.

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