Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Zoning plans for Prince Rupert Boulevard land go to public hearing Monday

Prince Rupert City Council will
make another attempt to move a
proposed housing development
ahead on Monday evening
Prospective economic growth may seem to be stalled for the moment on the north coast, but plans for increasing the housing stock in the community continue to see forward momentum, with City Council taking it's latest plan for the rezoning of land on Prince Rupert Boulevard to  public hearing on Monday.

The notice of Public Hearing was posted to the City website last week and indicates that a rezoning amendment will be up for discussion following the public hearing on Monday, with residents who feel that they may be affected by the decision to allow for mixed multi-family development on a parcel of land at Drake Crescent and Prince Rupert Boulevard.

The last review of the development proposed by Aurora Resorts Incorporated of North Vancouver came earlier this year an at the time indicated that the land between the two streets would provide for a mix of apartments and townhouses, offering a larger density of housing than just stand alone residential homes.

The first mention of the development was provided to Council back in November of 2015, making for nine months of attention to this point that Council has dedicated towards the prospect of a housing development in that area of the city.

The Public hearing for Monday is the latest attempt to move the proposed development forward, with previous hearings having been delayed while the City sought further information on what the developer had in mind for the project.

Those wishing to a review a copy of the bylaw and information related to it can stop into City Hall from 9:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday to review the documentation, if there are any questions regarding the zoning amendment or the Public hearing they can be directed to the City's Corporate Administrator Rory Mandryk.

Some background on the proposed development can be found below:

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The Public Hearing takes place in the Council Chamber at the start of Monday's 7 PM scheduled Council Session.

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