Friday, July 8, 2016

Lax Kw'alaams looks for ferry upgrade from province

The province and Lax Kw'alaams
continue to discuss a potential
replacement for the community ferry
As the Spirit of Lax Kw'alaams heads into refit later this summer, the hope of Lax Kw'alaams officials is that soon a more modern and larger vessel will take its place in the waters of the North Coast.

The ferry, the former MV Nicola dates back to the early 1960's and the Lax Kw'alaams government has informed the provincial government that would like to see a new and larger vessel to provide more space for passengers and vehicles to make the twice-a-day journey between the community's Tuck Inlet dock and Aero Point in Prince Rupert.

The capacity of the current vessel is 16 cars and 133 passengers, the Spirit of Lax Kw'alaams was introduced into service on the North Coast in 1997.

Last year, the province of British Columbia announced funding to increase the number of trips for the vessel and noted that talks were in the works about a replacement.

In the summer newsletter from Lax Kw'alaams, it's noted that those discussions have been taking place and will continue over the next few months towards the acquisition of a larger ferry.

Word of the plans to improve the ferry service comes with the launch of the 20 million dollar road improvement project from Lax Kw'alaams to Tuck Inlet.

The Spirit of Lax Kw'alaams goes into refit on August 2nd.

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