Thursday, July 21, 2016

Short application period for City's Bylaw Officer posting

A new posting to the City of Prince Rupert Employment listings has a pretty short timeline between notice of opportunity and deadline for applications.

A Job posting for the position of Bylaw Control Officer was listed on the City's website this week, offering an overview of some of the expectations and qualifications for the successful candidate.

Among some of the skills the city is seeking from those seeking the position is an expectation for the applicant to be highly motivated in developing a customer-centric approach to bylaw enforcement, able to use sound judgment to resolve customer complaints and difficult situations.

Those applying should be well versed in conflict management and risk assessment in order to de-escalate or handle irate individuals, with the city looking for a resourceful individual who thrives to bring about positive change in a challenging environment.

The full list of responsibilities and Qualifications can be found from the job posting listed below, or from the link to the City's website here.

It's not noted in the job posting, nor has it been discussed at recent public council sessions if this is an additional position for the Bylaw department, something that Councillor Cunningham had been asking for earlier this year, or a replacement for an existing employee.

Earlier this year, an incident on the city's east side sent the city's lone bylaw officer to the hospital and resulted in a change of procedures by the city, which noted at the time that they had now introduced body camera technology for the position.

The deadline for applications for the current opening is Monday, July 25th

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