Friday, July 8, 2016

Prince Rupert's Portuguese community to hold UEFA Euro 2016 viewing party on Sunday

Portugal vs France is the final match-up
for the Euro 2016 championship
Prince Rupert's Portuguese community may not be as large as it once was, but come Sunday afternoon they may seem as loud as they have ever been as Portugal takes to the pitch against France in the finale of the European Soccer Championships Euro 2016.

So into the spirit of the tournament is the local community that they are hosting a Viewing Party on Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM at Java Dot Cup on 3rd Avenue West.

Anticipation is high for Prince Rupert's
Portuguese football fans as Sunday's
Final gets close
Hosted by the Luso Portuguese Club of Prince Rupert, the event is Free to all members, while the remainder of the community can join in on the festival nature of a football finale by becoming a member for Ten dollars, non members can take in the game as well for fifteen dollars.

Light refreshments will be provided and a cash bar in place.

Portugal successfully navigated the tournament path towards Sunday's championship game, defeating Wales one of the surprising teams of Euro 2016 on Wednesday.

Host France topped soccer powerhouse Germany in play on Thursday, setting the match up for the Championship game.

Sunday's final game starts at Noon hour British Columbia time.

Should the squad from Portugal prove victorious over the French, you'll know pretty quickly.

The parade of cars flying the flag of Portugal and the honking of horns through the downtown core circling City Hall will serve as your final summary for the tournament finale.

More background on the UEFA championship can be found on the Euro 2016 website for the tournament.

Further notes on the work of the Luso Portuguese Club in Prince Rupert is available from their facebook page, while a special page has been created for Sunday's event.

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