Sunday, February 26, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending, February 26, 2017

Civic politics dominated our five most read items on the week, as readers clicked on a number of our reviews of Monday's council meetings and other civic themes of the last seven days.

From a look at a bit of a controversial public comment period from Monday night, to the growing trend of shorter council sessions and a move to announcements by way of social media, readers propelled council items to the top of the readership rankings.

Another well received item was our look at the Mayor's presentation to the Prince Rupert Rotary Club, which outlined the concepts received by the City from the Ontario based Planning Partnership, which forwarded a number of design ideas for development on the waterfront, downtown and at Seal Cove.

The School District made news a number of times this week, the story that cracks our top five list is a look at the pending retirement of Superintendent Sandra Jones and what SD52 has planned for the future at the top post.

A note from the provincial election campaign also found its way into our top five, as Deputy Premier Rich Coleman was in his full oratorical flourish as he reviewed a number of themes that one senses will make for the narrative on the way to the May vote.

However, the top story of the week takes us to City Council, where we drop in on the public comment period of Monday's Council meeting.

The problem with Public Comment period is ... sometimes there are public comments! -- A look at Monday's public comment period of the City Council session, which offered up a few sharp comments between the Mayor and a member of the public.  (posted February 22, 2017)

That article was followed by:

For City Council, it's becoming a case of Government by Announcement - The growing trend of civic initiatives first finding their way to the public outside of the public Council sessions, with little in the way of discussion of them during the council meetings.   (posted February 24, 2017)

Mayor unveils Waterfront plan for Rotary luncheon crowd --  The first public review for the concepts for community development recently delivered by the Ontario based Planning Partnership  (posted February 24, 2017)

Change coming to the top position at SD52 - With Superintendent Sandra Jones poised to retire in July, SD52 announces their plans for the position for 2017-18. (posted February 20, 2017)

BC Liberals framing North Coast and Northwest issues as a key theme in upcoming election -- While still early in the campaign for the May election, Deputy Premier Rich Coleman offered some indication from the Legislature as to what themes the BC Liberals may be bringing to the North Coast campaign (posted February 20, 2017)

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