Friday, February 10, 2017

CityWest warns of email scam circulating the Northwest

Fraudsters are back in action in the Northwest and CityWest is issuing a warning to its customers to be on the alert for fraudulent emails which make use of a CityWest email domain.

A notice posted to the CityWest website this week outlines the nature of the scam, which use an identifying domain of ... fraudulent emails using that domain are being sent to CityWest customers providing threats ranging from termination of an account to invitations to take part in a survey.

A sample of the fraudulent email notices can be reviewed below.

CityWest officials note that this scam is being used to collect personal information from CityWest customers and ask that those who subscribe to CityWest services ignore the emails or any pop up information that asks you to take a survey.

CityWest advises that any legitimate correspondence between the company and customers would be conducted through the domain address of

If customers have any questions related to the online activity they are asked to contact CityWest at 1-800-442-8664.

More background on the issue can be found here.

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