Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Humpback Whale research the theme for Speakers Series presentation tonight

There will be some big Fish tales to share tonight as the Speaker's series hosted by the North Coast Cetacean Research Initiative presents Jackie Hildering of the Marine Education and Research Society.

The Big Gulp is the theme for the night at multi-purpose room at Northwest Community College, as Ms. Hildering explores the world of the humpback whale, sharing her research from the Marine Education Society and leading the discussion into how we can all work together to better understand the giants of the sea.

Awareness of the risks they face and a look at the research into Humpback feeding and rates of entanglement with vessels will ve part of the presentation, as well as a look at efforts to increase knowledge when it comes to collisions and what to do if entanglement is witnessed.

Tonight's guest is an avid diver and underwater photographer and Ms. Hildering, known as the "Marine Detective" has been featured on such programs as Animal Planet's Wild Obsession and a number of programs on the United Kingdom's BBC networks.

A sample of some of her can be examined below, with a look at a segment on her research in the Port McNeil area of Vancouver Island.

There is much more to be explored at this evenings Prince Rupert session.

Caitlin Birdsall, the coordinator of the North Coast Cetacean Research Initiative will also provide an update on some of the work related to humpback whales that is taking place on the North Coast, with a focus on how North Coast residents can participate in citizen science and conservation in local waters.

The presentations get underway at 7PM at the Fifth Street campus of NWCC.

You can learn more about work of Ms. Hildering and MERS from their website here, while more background on the North Coast Cetacean Research is available through the Vancouver Aquarium Facebook page and website

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