Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Coast Tsimshian Academy Grads featured on Toronto morning program

The Grads of the Coast Tsimshian Academy are a trending group
for Toronto after Monday morning TV appearance

The first ever grad class from the Coast Tsimshian Academy is already making their mark in Toronto, and they haven't even made the trek eastbound yet, having recently appeared on that City's morning television program BreakfastTV.

The grads got up early, early, early yesterday (5:30 folks) to talk about their studies and plans for their planned Grad trip to Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec City this coming May

Among some of their themes during the five minute interview was a look at the fundraising plans and what they hope to check out when they travel to Ontario and Quebec.

The trip is certainly capturing the attention of the media in Toronto, as part of the morning show, the hosts of BT provided a look at some of the events that are already lined up for the big trip to the east.

With visits to museums, Art Galleries the Science Centre, CN Tower,  a stop in to talk to the folks at the Rogers BT studios and Blue Jays game among some of the events.

Included in the journey will be a shopping expedition to Toronto's largest shopping centre the Yorkdale Mall and word of that part of the itinerary offered up some exciting news for the Grads.

As part of the broadcast a representative of Yorkdale Mall had a special surprise for the group, with Yorkdale set to provide the fashions for Grad night, making the Coast Tsimshian Grads ready to take to the event with some Ontario finery.

The Toronto station has already put up a number of shout outs about the trip through their website and Social Media streams such as twitter and Facebook

The goal of the fundraising campaign is close to 33,000 dollars, you can learn more about the project and contribute to the fundraising program from the link below.


So far they are just past the half way mark, with 16,000 dollars raised as of today.

We'll keep an eye on  how the travel plans come together and offer updates as we get closer to May.

You can find out more notes on what's happening in Lax Kw'alaams from our archive page.

While items of interest from the Lax Kw'alaams Academy can be reviewed here.

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