Friday, February 17, 2017

Electoral reform? What electoral reform?

MP Nathan Cullen returned to the theme
of electoral reform this week in the Commons
There were no Valentine's to exchange in the House of Commons this week, with NDP MP Nathan Cullen is keeping the fire burning on his outrage over the Liberal government's handling of the electoral reform file

The NDP MP made use of his time in the House of Commons during Question Period during Tuesday's session, Mr. Cullen once again was looking to put the Prime Minister on the spot, as he sought an apology (and a reversal of plans) from the Prime Minister on his now broken promise to change the electoral system.

The discussion wasn't a long lasting one however, taking up less than a minute of the Question Period for the day and denying the Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP his apology, or even an acknowledgment of the topic as things moved forward.

The debate during Tuesday's Question Period in Ottawa related to Electoral Reform
( from Hansard on the House of Commons website )

Judging by the following exchange in the Commons, either the Prime Minister wasn't paying attention to the question, or he's decided that deflection is the best approach to the topic.

Perhaps the Prime Minister had other things on his mind during the exchange, shortly after Tuesday's Question Period session, Mr. Trudeau was off to Europe and a round of speeches on trade and the formalities of the CETA arrangement to celebrate.

While the PM was taking to his European journey, Mr. Cullen was continuing with his push to keep the electoral reform issue  in the front of the news cycle, highlighting the growing numbers of those signing an online petition on the theme.

As we noted on the blog last week, that petition which remains open March 2nd, continues to attract a number of signatures, standing at 119,118 as of last evening.

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  1. Cullen should explain why he wants Proportion Representation, under which small parties would hold the balance of power and MPs would represent parties rather ridings.