Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Special Events Society hosts AGM tonight

The make up the backbone of many of the North Coasts celebrations, from Seafest to Winterfest, along with other community gatherings such as the Children's festival and Canada Day celebration, all of them come together thanks to the hard work of the Special Events Society

Tonight the organization will look back at 2016 and make their plans for 2017 as they host their Annual General Meeting. The gathering takes place from 7 to 9 PM in the Breakfast Room at the Prestige Prince Rupert Hotel at 2nd West and Sixth Street.

The AGM offers an opportunity for those in the community learn more about what the Special Events Society takes on during the course of a year and how volunteers provide for the energy to deliver some of Prince Rupert's most popular events year in and year out.

As well they have positions available on the Board of Directors and are always receptive to new volunteers who may have new ideas to expand on the core events that the deliver each year.

The Downton crowd from Seafest, one of four major festivals that the
Special Events Society puts together each year in Prince Rupert

(photo from Special Events Website)

The Special Events Society has just launched a brand new website for our review, which provides an impressive look at some of their work and previews upcoming events, with the next one up on March 4th and the 26th Annual Children's Festival.

The full schedule for 2017 and 2018 is available here.

The Society is currently hosting a survey on their website, looking for the feedback from residents on what is their favourite event, as well as to offer up a chance to make some comments and recommendation.

Find out more about their plans and how to become involved here.

For a look at community events around the North Coast check our listings as part of our right hand column features, or through our Community Notes archive page here.

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