Friday, March 3, 2017

Mills Memorial hospital announcement makes for a current in the North Coast election campaign stream

Word this week of progress in the quest for a replacement for Terrace's Mills Memorial Hospital, has offered up a quick shout out from the two candidates running for the North Coast seat in the upcoming May election.

As we noted on Tuesday, Finance Minister Mike de Jong outlined the Liberal government's approval of a replacement project, though it was an announcement which was light on any substantive details, the theme was still enough to have Terrace officials ready to celebrate.

The Minister's speech to the Terrace Chamber of Commerce where he delivered the long anticipated news for that community also had some ripples down the highway in Prince Rupert.

As incumbent MLA Jennifer Rice made note of the news through her Facebook page, where the North Coast MLA echoed a statement from NDP leader John Horgan.

Comments that noted the NDP had long bee advocating for such a replacement facility.

The news from Terrace also brought forward some thoughts from Liberal MLA Herb Pond, who also used his political social media stream to congratulate Terrace on their success, but also to make note of local concerns in the Prince Rupert area when it comes to health funding for the region.

The late February notes on health care, may just be the start of a longer engagement on the topic between the two North Coast candidates, with the theme of health care in the riding one of the larger issues that will make for a portion of the campaign to come.

You can review some of the other themes starting to develop on the way to May's voting day from our North Coast Election Archive page.

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