Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Prince Rupert based vessel sinks in herring opening off Comox; 4 rescued, 1 still missing

A fishing boat transferring herring capsized
off the coast of Vancouver Island near Comox on Monday

The 2017 herring roe fishery began with a tragic start in the waters near Comox, off of Vancouver Island as a Prince Rupert based fishing seiner identified as the Miss Cory capsized as it was transferring herring.

Four crew members were rescued by nearby fishing vessels, news reports from Vancouver Island indicate that a fifth member of the boat's crew was reportedly trapped in the engine room as the vessel capsized and began to sink.

The incident took place around 4:30 PM when the call was put out to the Joint Rescue Communication Centre in Victoria, air assets from CFB Comox were quickly dispatched to the area as were vessels from the Canadian Coast Guard and Unit 60 of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue.

Those involved in the search continued their work into the night hours but did not locate the missing crew member during the course of their search efforts.

No names were released as part of Monday's update.

The RCMP have been tasked with the file which will be worked as a missing person's file.

Further investigation from a number of Government agencies will follow.

One presumed dead after fishing boat sinks near Comox
One person presumed dead after fishing boat sinks near Comox
Four rescued, one herring fisherman missing as boat sinks near Comox
1 person missing after fishing boat capsizes near Comox
Seine roe-herring fishery opens with sinking of vessel, one crew member missing
One person presumed drowned after Prince Rupert based boat sinks just off of Vancouver Island

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