Thursday, December 21, 2017

A White Christmas (though perhaps temporary) could be on the horizon

Things may look nasty to the North and Southwest, but for now it's going
to Clear and cool for the North Coast for Christmas period, with the chance
of some light snow for Christmas eve

(Environment Canada sat image for Thursday Dec 21)

With the temperatures taking a bit of a dip over the last few days, there is the potential that the North Coast may see a White Christmas, though a temperature shift of one or two degrees to the plus side could change all of that by Monday morning.

As it looks at the moment, snow flurries are a possibility for Christmas Eve, though the level of accumulation does not appear to be anything of significant volume to delay any trips to the relatives or friends over the Christmas period.

Temperatures won't be too bad considering it's December and Sunshine for the most part will be the feature of the next seven days, making for perfect conditions to send the youngsters outside to play, or get some fresh North Coast air for yourself.

The temperatures will range from near the Zero mark or slightly above in the daytime, with lows down to -7 overnight as we get closer to Christmas Day.

If the days ahead find you on the road to Terrace, Kitimat or Smithers, best to pack a few extra sweaters and grab a toque, gloves and some warm winter boots, as there currently is an Arctic outflow warning in effect for communities on the other side of Rainbow pass.

Travel by air however may be a bit of an adventure over the holiday period, Today is considered the busiest day for air travel across Canada and combined with some stormy weather in southern locations, delays and cancellations have already made for some of the Christmas season scenario for those making long distance plans.

Should you be flying over the next few days, or waiting for someone to arrive at the Digby Island airport you can access local flight information from the YPR website here, while travellers that make use of the Terrace-Kitimat airport can get updates on flights here.

As well, the YVR website in Vancouver provides an extensive list of the status of flights in and out of Western Canada's main gateway to the world.

For those that will be taking to the highways, the Drive BC website is always your first check of the day to see what the conditions are wherever you are travelling across the Northwest. For those that use social media, they also deliver updates through their twitter feed.

As well, you can access the range of Highway cameras across the region from our links page here.

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