Friday, December 8, 2017

Dwell times concerns creeping up on Fairview Terminal again

Dwell time concerns at Fairview
 Terminal are being
reported by some importers

(photo from PRPA photo stock archive)
An influential transportation trade publication is making note of the concerns from some shippers when it comes to an ongoing issue of lengthy dwell times for cargo movements at Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal.

The Journal of Commerce is reporting today, that some importers have reported continued dwell times of up to 15 days owing to port congestion, a significant increase in the Port's normal target of a two and half day turnaround for shipments.

A retail importer reported Thursday that his container “arrived [at] Rupert on [Nov. 24] and off the boat [Nov. 26]. Saturday [Dec. 9] will be — around 15 days.” This was just one of a number of shipments that have been delayed in recent weeks, he said. Another importer of manufactured goods told delays of 10 days still persisted. -- From a Journal of Commerce article on dwell times at Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal

Brian Friesen from the Port provided
the response to concerns on
dwell time questions 
at Fairview 
(photo from PRPA website)
According to the financial paper, the Port says that it expects to return to the their normal benchmark level of service before the end of the month.

“We are forecasting a return to normal operations two weeks from now,” -- Brian Friesen, Port of Prince Rupert Director of Trade Development and Communications responding to a Journal of Commerce article on dwell time issues at Fairview Terminal

The ability for the Prince Rupert terminal to turn around shipments has been one of the key elements to its success to this point and is featured in much of its approach to global shipping agencies.

The article also notes that like many other North American ports, Canada's Pacific terminals in Vancouver and Prince Rupert are faced with adjusting to the rapid upsizing of container vessels, with the mega ships now arriving in port able to deliver larger volumes to North America, making for stresses in the supply chain that passes through both locations.

It's an issue that DP World which operates the Fairview facility will have to address before they can seek out any additional shipping lines to make Prince Rupert a destination for Trans Pacific shipping.

As well, the JOC article notes that rail issues between Prince Rupert and Alberta have played a role in some of the congestion issues, both in the form of construction of additional rail resources and for weather related events along the main corridor from the North Coast.

Fairview  Terminal had a similar issue on dwell times come up in September, when a number of circumstances combined to deliver extended delays for product movement, something which resulted in a number of vessels being redirected away from the port to try to ease the level of congestion.

Dwell time woes grow for Fairview Terminal; with second container line diversion plans
'Dwell time" issues at Fariview to see Cosco containers diverted south

You can review the full article from the financial paper related to the current situation here.

There so far have been no updates on the nature of any congestion at Prince Rupert provided through either the Port of Prince Rupert or DP World websites.

For more items of note related to the Fairview facility see our archive page here.

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