Thursday, December 7, 2017

Regional District to introduce new consultation program for North Coast

If you live in any of the communities in the map above
you can participate in a new community engagement program
from the North Coast Regional District

(map from NCRD website)

The North Coast Regional District is looking to making information sharing a much easier process for residents of the region, with the regional government body introducing PlaceSpeak to its member communities.

The project is designed to make it easier for residents to have their say in how the NCRD changes and grows into the future. To participate, North Coast residents will have to create a PlaceSpeak account (see log in info here) and then take a tour of the program to see what it has to offer and how they can participate.

North Coast Regional District Chair Barry Pages outlined through the Regional District website what Regional District hopes to gain from the project.

“The NCRD benefits every time a resident or business-owner is engaged,” ... “Your feedback and participation in the decision-making process of the Board helps make our region a better place for everyone.”

For this month, residents have been invited to post to the program some of their favourite places that they like to spend time at around the North Coast, with plans for later this month to review the North Coast Regional District's budget consultation topics.

Daniel Fish, the Corporate Officer for the NCRD, also offered up some themes as to how that consultation process might work through the Regional District website.

“Our goal is to use PlaceSpeak to facilitate resident-led solutions and feedback related to financial planning, community services and other planning,”  ... “This approach will allow residents to not only identify issues that matter to them, but suggest solutions and weigh in on issues identified by their neighbours.”

You can review more on the launch of the program here.

While an introduction to the North Coast Regional District initiative can be found here.

As well, the Regional District has pointed us towards a couple of video presentations that explain the project further you can review those below:

For more items of interest from Regional District see our archive page here.

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