Monday, December 18, 2017

Ministry of Education seeks two seismic reports from SD52 on Prince Rupert Middle School

More studies the theme for 2018 when it comes to Prince Rupert Middle School;
with two seismic reports requested by the Ministry of Education

The path to replacement of Prince Rupert Middle School will seemingly take a bit more time than many parents and educators might have hoped for, with School District 52 making note that as part of their Capital Spending plans for 2018 the District will be working on the collection of information related to two seismic reports related to PRMS requested by the Ministry of education.

The spending allocation for the two reports was approved at the December 12th Board Session and from that District meeting, Board members made note of the the background to the request as part of their notes:

An amended 2017-18 Capital Budget was approved by the Board of Education at their meeting on December 12, 2017. The amendment was to add work on two reports for the Prince Rupert Middle School seismic mitigation project. A Seismic Project Identification Report and a Project Definition Report have been requested by the Ministry of Education by June 1, 2018.

And while the reports indicate some progress towards the eventual goal of replacement for the school, the shorter term prospects would seem to indicate that measures related to seismic concerns will be the primary focus for the provincial government for the short term.

Submission of these reports does not mean that the project has been approved to proceed. These reports will be used by the Ministry of Education to consider the project and to potentially form the basis for a submission to Treasury Board requesting project approval.

The need for a replacement for Prince Rupert Middle School was one of the major local themes for the 2017 provincial election, with then opposition member Jennifer Rice hammering away at the issue for much of the lead up to the May vote.

With the NDP taking over the reins of government in July, following the May vote there was some hope for some momentum on the issue of school replacement in the community, but so far the topic does note seem to have moved forward to any great extent, nor has it made for much of a discussion topic for MLA Rice through the fall months.

Since taking to their posts in July, the government of Premier John Horgan has made a number of significant school construction and seismic upgrade announcements in recent months, most of which appear to be focused on the larger population centres of the province.

So far, the only progress for the North Coast when it comes to any form of infrastructure replacement is to call for yet another study.

Something which while no doubt required, will make for another document for a growing file on issues that have been part of the narrative for the community.

The two reports to come will make for additional material for a theme which has been explored by the School District from well before it created the Middle School, that following the merger of the two high schools into one facility at Charles Hays a number of years ago.

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