Friday, December 22, 2017

Prince Rupert Port Authority seeks feedback on proposed Tariff revisions for 2018

The Port of Prince Rupert is looking to raise tariffs for use
of Port Facilities in 2018

Those who make use of the facilities of the Port of Prince Rupert will want to review some proposed tariff revisions that the Port is seeking comment towards, with eight separate fees set for an increase as of March 1st of 2018.

Most of the increases are directed towards the larger vessels that call on the Port's facilities on the North Coast, however some of the fee increase proposals could also have an impact on local users as well.

Among the increased fees that the Port Authority has in mind are:

Harbour Dues -- Increase of 1.55%

Wharfage Fees -- A 1.55% increase applied to all cargoes not otherwise specified, slack wax and container wharfage fees.

Lighterage Fees -- A 1.55% fee increase to be applied to project cargo, logs and all cargoes not specified

Berthage Fees -- An increase of 1.55% for both working and non-working periods.

Dockage Fees -- A 1.55% increase.

Services and Facilities Fees -- Increase Northland port call and security fees by 1.55%, no increase to line handling fees.

Water Service Fees -- Increase of 1.55% for water services at port facilities

Ridley Island Project Cargo Fees -- An increase of 1.55% for loading and unloading fees at the Ridley Island site.

Anyone with an interest in making a representation to the Port about the proposed tariff increases can do so by writing to the Port at:

Prince Rupert Port Authority
200 - Cow Bay Road
Prince Rupert BC Canada
V8J 1A2

More information can be accessed by phone at 250-627-8899,  by Fax at 250-627-8980 

Or by email at

The Port Authority has also provided a review of their proposed tariff plans to the PRPA website with the current tariff rates and those proposed for 2018 available for further study.

For more information on port related notes see our archive page here.

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