Thursday, December 21, 2017

AltaGas Terminal project to reach construction milestone this month

The Big Pour is almost complete at the AltaGas site on Ridley Island,
with the Alberta energy giant anticipating that the cement work on the
outside tank shell will be complete by the end of this year
(photo from AltaGas website)

The pace of construction at the Ridley Island site for Alta Gas continues at a good clip, with the projects main tank assembly set for its final pour of concrete as December comes to an end.

That will be the eighth and final pour for the shell of the tank at the Ridley Island Propane Export Facility, with the Fabrication of the inner steel tank roof now underway and the installation of the inner steel tank also in motion as December winds down.

The update for the first LPG terminal project that was announced for the North Coast can be found from the AltaGas website, providing further background on the current status of the project which at the moment has 220 workers involved in its process, with the site averaging 120 workers per day depending on what is on the to do list for the day.

The construction timeline will increase significantly in 2018 with the first shipments of Liquid Propane Gas out of the Ridley facility anticipated to take place in the first quarter of 2019.

The update also looks ahead to beyond the construction phase with AltaGas proceeding to put together their Operator Training program on the North Coast, which will be putting a focus on training for First Nations and other local community members.

AltaGas  will be offering the opportunity fore North Coast residents to access the skills required for entry level operator positions at the Ridley Island Propane Export facility.

The recruitment plans and training program details will be released early in 2018. 

The first shipment of LPG out of the
AltaGas terminal site is expected to
take place in early 2019

(photo from AltaGas website)
When the site is operational it's expected that the Terminal will employ up to 50 permanent workers for its day to day operations.

AltaGas also provides some notes on the Environmental aspects of their project, noting that all current work programs on the site that are underway and planned for 2018 are completed and have been accepted by the regulatory agencies.

As well as working on the industrial site at Ridley, AltaGas has also jumped into providing some assistance to the community, with the Alberta based energy company having recently made a donation of $10,000 towards supporting the North Coast Transition Society extreme weather shelter located on Third Avenue West.

You can review some of the key facts for the Ridley Island project here.

The AltaGas project is one of two LPG terminals that could be in operation on the North Coast within the next few years, as announced earlier the Pembina Pipeline corporation has also committed to a terminal project to be located at Watson Island, though their plans are still very much in the early development phase, as the company continues to conduct their evaluations of the Watson site.

You can find the latest items of note on both LPG terminal projects from our archive page here.

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