Friday, December 22, 2017

SD52 publishes framework for enhancing student learning

One of the key expectations from the provincial School Act is that each Board of Education in the province is required to prepare a District Planning Document, something that is known as The Framework for Enhancing Student Learning.

It's a project School District 52 has been working on over the last year, and a process that they began with a survey of students, parents, staff and members of the community in February of 2017.

The Framework document serves to address SD52's mission: "To ensure each student successfully completes their educational program with a sense of hope, purpose and control"

The Focus points from the Framework provides a glimpse into the range of areas that SD52 was looking to approach as they created their vision for three year period.

From the February consultation the Board of Education has developed two Guiding Principles and six goals for the period from 2017-2020.

Guiding Principle Number One -- By increasing authentic, life-long and experiential learning opportunities will we see more engagement and therefore greater student achievement?

Towards that there are three goals associated with the principle:

1. To develop an appreciation of Reading

2. To enhance student Application of Numeracy

3. To Explore the Big Ideas

a) Through Aboriginal Perspectives and other local issues 


b) a love of learning through problem and project based opportunities

Guiding Principle Number Two -- How can we strengthen relationships and a sense of belonging at all levels?

The three goals associated with that principle include:

4. Our schools are places where students, families and staff all feel a sense of belonging.

5. To ensure every student can identify multiple, positive relationships they have with peers and staff within the school community.

6. Purposefully teach pro social skills and provide opportunities to practice

The completion of the Framework meets the three requirements of the Ministry of Education which include:

"A system-wide focus on intellectual, human and social and career development. These goals broaden the focus of the previous framework to better reflect the whole learner and be developed with careful consideration of the local context"

"Meaningful and effective planning for continuous improvement, Under the Framework, school districts and schools will be expected to continue to develop district and school plans, but in a manner that is more relevant to local contexts and needs."

"Plans will be expected to reflect local efforts to support each student and specific groups of students, including Aboriginal students, children in care, and students with special needs"

"The plans will be public reports to and for their local community"

The Two Guiding Principles and Six goals receive a comprehensive overview as part of the document, with each theme expanded on with additional background as to what is hoped to be achieved and the expectations that have been considered as part of the Framework.

The full document, which is now available on the SD52 website can be accessed here.

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