Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Museum of Northern BC to host travelling exhibit of the Caribou Hunters in January

Prince Rupert's Museum of Northern
British Columbia takes you back to
Canada's Clovis era in January
Visitors to the Museum of Northern British Columbia in January can jump back in time some 12,000 years, when the Prince Rupert museum plays host to a travelling exhibit from Quebec that traces the path of Clovis, the Caribou hunters.

The exhibit which comes from the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum is set to arrive on the North Coast in late January and will take us back to the tundra of the Mégantic region of Quebec, where we will explore how the hunter-gatherers of that region travelled the Quebec landscape as the glaciers began their retreat.

The travelling exhibition provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Clovis culture, and further examines the events of the paleolithic era. Designed for children and families, it features many hands on activities and educational  highlights with the interactive display allowing for visitors to touch the exhibits (something that we imagine you will want to rein in once you leave that particular area of the museum  ... ).

Local teachers in the area will also want to take note of the arrival of the exhibit and the opportunity to bring some history to life for their students outside of the classroom.

A sneak preview of what's coming in January can be found below:

Clovis, the Caribou Hunters is a production of the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum, in collaboration with the Université de Montréal and the Corporation du Patrimoine Archéloqique Méganticois. 

Contributions towards the travelling exhibit were also provided by Canadian Heritage and the City of Lac-Mégantic.

More background on the travelling exhibit will be coming next month, as well as the firmed up dates for the arrival of the Clovis presentation in Prince Rupert.

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