Wednesday, March 7, 2018

City announces that Fido's eviction notice from Doug Kerr Field to be set for March 12th

Some Prince Rupert residents get in what could be their last ramble
with Rover at Doug Kerr Field on Wednesday afternoon,  the City has
announced that  as of March 12 the field is no longer to be used as a dog park,
returning to its original purpose of a ball field for the city's youth

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All Dogs may go to heaven, but as of Monday morning, they won't be able to go to Doug Kerr Field anymore.

That as what had become an un-official dog walk park for the city's pet owners, is returned to its original use of a baseball field for youth baseball and softball.

Pet owners started using the abandoned ball field at the Civic Centre complex a number of years ago, taking advantage of the fenced in enclosure to allow their dogs to roam off leash and while unsanctioned by the city, the municipality took no action to shoo the dogs and their owners away.

However with the rebirth of minor baseball and softball in the community, the need for sports fields for play has become a bit of a challenge for organizers, resulting in the call for the Doug Kerr field to be put back into action and for the purpose it was designed for.

In a Notice to the Public issued today by the City of Prince Rupert, the municipality has announced 8AM on Monday, March 12th the closure date for use as a dog park, noting that plans are in the works for a new linear dog run to be included as part of the McKay Street Park remediation project.

The City's advisory outlines some notes on the planning and fundraising that is underway for that dog park initiative, as well as some other exercise options for dog owners in the interim while the dog park is developed.

Fundraising for the dog park section at Mckay Street is currently underway, with the park installation anticipated by the fall of 2018. 

 Prior to the implementation of the new off-leash area at Mckay, dog park users are requested to relocate in the interim to the alternative designated off-leash area, McClymont Park. 

When the Rushbrook Trail is open, dog walkers are also encouraged to walk their dogs on leash.

As for the rehabilitation work at Doug Kerr Field, part of the field remediation will take place through expenditures from  the 2018 Capital budget, that work will be supported through grant applications and private funding.

Recognition for those that have participated in the funding for the project will be highlighted through signage once the project is complete.

You can read the full notice to the public here.

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