Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Emergency Alert System to come to mobile devices in May

The first tests for a new alert system for British Columbia will take place in May, with the Alert Ready program set to debut its plans for Wireless Alerts for the province.

The program which will deliver important emergency information from Emergency Management BC will see its first test on May 9th at 1:55 PM, it will be run in conjunction with Television and Radio tests. 

Wireless alerts will contain instructions for a safe response, and all British Columbians are urged to abide by these instructions without delay. In order to receive alerts, mobile phones must be connected to a cellular network, be alert-compatible and within the alert area.
While the initial roll out of the program is expected to be dedicated towards tsunami information, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, who is the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Emergency Preparedness has noted that the province is considering making use of the Alert Ready program for other hazards and emergency situations.

In today's announcement, Ms. Rice also made note of the need for British Columbians to make sure they take their own steps towards emergency planning, by way of an emergency plan and kit.

“As the Province continues to refine its emergency management system, it is equally important that all British Columbians take their own steps to prepare by understanding the risks where they live and work, creating an emergency plan and assembling an emergency kit,”

You can learn more about the Alert Ready program and the Province's plans for it here.

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