Tuesday, April 3, 2018

One more rehearsal before Spamalot takes to the stage for Opening Night

Two more nights until the Lester Centre Stage is transformed 
into medieval England as the Community production 
of Spamalot begins its three night run 

The cast and crew of this years Community Theatre project Spamalot have one more run through on the agenda before the curtain rises on Spamalot this Thursday, as Directors Rich Jerstad and Lyle McNish look to share the Bright Side of Life and bring the famed compilation of Monty Python material to the Lester Centre Stage.

The production which began with a casting call in the fall, has seen a dedicated group taking to rehearsals through much of this year as they prepare to take us on the quest for the Holy Grail of Laughs and Song in the latest musical for the city's talented theatrical and musical community.

The Lester Centre's Crystal Lorette acquired the rights to the popular stage version of the Monty Python collection  last year and from that point the tales of King Arthur (portrayed by Keith Lambourne) and crew began to come to life.

Showtime beckons, Spamalot opens
a three night run Thursday night at 8PM
at the Lester Centre
The three months of line memorization and rehearsals all come to end as the show goes live this week, a three night run that will once again showcase the many talents that are part of the city's theatre scene.

The theatre group will take to the stage Thursday night with a long time contributor to the local arts scene very much on their minds, with the presence of Peter Witherly still strong with the cast and crew.

Mr. Witherly who was an integral part of many community theatre events in the past, and had been the musical force behind this years production passed away in February.

Stepping in to help guide the musical themes of the production to opening night have been Kristy Tillman who is keeping the musicians in tune with the productions needs and Jilda Farias who is helping the performers find their vocal range for the songs that will mark the production.

The dance numbers for Spamalot have been choreographed under the watchful eye of Jennifer Kloppers.

Bringing the tales of Arthur to life is much more than just a task for those on the stage, with set design and construction the responsibility of a talented group working behind the scenes to turn the Lester Centre into the times of Roundtables, Knights of Ni and other Arthurian legends.

Your Travels with King Arthur and his er, um, ahem, followers??? begin Thursday night.

Spamalot runs from April 5 to April 7th with the curtain rising at 8 PM

Tickets are on sale at the Lester Centre or Cooks Jewellers: 
Adult Admission 20 dollars, Seniors and Students 20 dollars

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