Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A new name enters the crowded LNG scene for the Northewst

With a growing number of LNG projects in various stages of development in the Northwest, we now have a new name to add to the list of the hopefuls, with the introduction of Steelhead LNG into the mix.

The Vancouver based company, recently declared its interest in entering the percolating LNG industry in the province, introducing its Board of Directors a trio of energy industry officials, who along with former British Columbia Attorney General Geoff Plant are looking to bring a Vancouver based voice to the LNG discussions of the Northwest.

There isn't a lot of actual background material available yet on what their plans for the region may be, with so far their presence limited to a website with a short list of what they are bringing to the discussion, which leans heavily on being British Columbia based and seeking community engagement.

Global BC has identified Kitimat as the location which Steelhead LNG is looking at as far as developing a presence in the Northwest, apparently investigating five potential locations in the region.

They provided this quick overview of the company and their ambitions for the LNG industry in the province.  Like all of the other proponents of LNG development for the Northwst, Steelhead has an eye towards opportunities in the Asian world for their product.

Their first step onto the competitive world LNG stage appears to be a trip next week to South Korea, to take part in a high profile Natural Gas Conference, a location where Steelhead it appears will start its travels into the international marketplace looking to make connections and outline their plans for the Northwest.

We have created an archive page in our LNG section for Steelhead's latest news and developments, we will add to it as their plans are outlined further.

We have more on the larger LNG picture in the Northwest available on our archive page.

Update: Steelhead LNG officials advise that they are exploring projects in several BC locations and regions, with information on those locations to be made public at a later date.

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